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Principles of Scouting 7 than Darwin or Tolstoi. Therefore, I accept the fact, and seek to keep in view an ideal that is physical, but also clean, manly, heroic, already famiUar, and leading with certainty to higher things. (9) Picturesqueness in Everything. Very great impor- tance should be attached to this. The effect of the pictur- esque is magical, and all the more subtle and irresistible because it is not on the face of it reasonable. The charm of titles and gay costumes, of the beautiful in ceremony, phrase, dance, and song, are utilized in all ways. THE IDEAL When two or three young people cam.p out, they can live as a sort of family, especially if a grown-up be with them; but when a dozen or more are of the party, it is necessary to organize. What maimer of organization will be practical, and also give full recognition to the nine principles of scouting? What form of government lends itself best to — Recreation; Outdoor Life; Self-rule; The Campfire; Woodcraft traditions; Honors by standards; Personal decoration for personal achievement; A heroic ideal; Picturesqueness in all things? In my opinion, the Tribal or Indian form of organization. Fundamentally, this is a republic or limited monarchy, and many experiments have proved it best for our purpose. It makes its members self-governing; it offers appropriate things to do outdoors; it is so plastic that it can be adopted