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Campercraft or the Summer Camp 367 benefits of these will be seen more and more, as camp goes on. For the Council-fire Circle, select a sheltered, level place that admits of a perfectly level circle 40 feet across; 30 feet has been used, but more room gives better results. On the outer rim of this, have a permanently fixed circle of very low seats; 6 inches is high enough, but they should have a back, and for this, the easiest style to make is that marked K. L. on page 457. Each Band or Clan should make its own seat, and always go there in Grand Council. On the back of the seat should be two loops of wire or string in which to put their standard. Back of the first row should be a slightly higher row. If the ground slopes up, all the better, but in any case there should he fixed seats enough for all the camp. The place should be carefully leveled and pre- pared, and kept always in order, for it will be used several times each day, either for councils or for games, dances and performances. At one side of the ring in a conspicuous place should be the throne of the Chief (p. 457); close by this a desk and seat for the Tally Keeper and on the desk should be a lan- tern holder; in the exact middle of the ring is the Council- fire, never a bonfire. TOTEM-POLE Directly opposite the Chief's throne, on the outer edge of the camp, should be the Totem-pole. This I always set up as soon as possible in all permanent camps. Its purpose is, ist, to typify the movement; 2nd, to display the Totems of all the Tribes, or Bands that camp here; 3rd, to serve as a place of notice. Any document posted on the Totem-pole is considered published.