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Campercraft or the Summer Camp 265 No fellow should leave camp without permission. If he does so, he may cause his Band to lose points. THE DOG SOLDIERS In every large camp it is found well to follow the Indian custom in forming a Lodge of Dog Soldiers. These are a band of eight or ten of the strongest and sturdiest fellows. They act as pohce when needed, but wear no badge. They must at once run to any place where the signal (a loud bay- ing) is heard, and act promptly and vigorously. When the Chief has selected the huskies he wishes to have in the Dog Lodge, he invites all to meet secretly in some quiet teepee at night, explains the purpose and adds "I have called on you who are here. If any do not wish to serve, now is the time to retire. " The sacred fire is lighted in the middle, all stand in a ring about it, each with his right hand on a war club above the fire, his left holding a handful of ashes. Then all repeat this vow: "As a Dog Soldier I pledge the might of my manhood to the cause of law and justice in this Camp for the term of the Camp or until released by the Chief, and if at any time I fail in my duty through fear entering into my heart, may I be dropped, scorned and forgotten like these ashes. " Then he scatters the ashes. It is customary for each Tribe to adopt further a secret sign and password, which is taught to the Dog Soldiers as a finish. INSPECTION Every day there is an inspection. It is best in the middle of the morning. The Chief and his second go from