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258 The Book of Woodcraft

yards mosquito-bar and some dope for stinging-insects. 

3 or 4 one-gallon bags of cotton for supplies. A few medicines and pUl-kit or "first aid, " including cold cream for sunburn.

strong clothes line; ball of cord; ball twine; of ball of 

strong linen pack-thread. Axe. A sharp hatchet. Claw-hammer. Whetstone. Small crosscut saw. Spade. File. Packing needles and sewing-kit for repairing clothes. Nails: One lb. of 15, two lbs. of 2^, two lbs. of 3I, and one lb. of 5-inch. Pocket tool outfit (A, K, and B is good) Soap. Mirror. Toilet-paper. Waterproof match-box. Book of Woodcraft A locker. Cooking outfit: Either a ready-made, self-nesting "Buzza- cot," or

cover-kettles, lo-qt., 4-qt., and 2-qt. (riveted, not 


frying-pans, with handles and covers. 

2 big spoons. Coffee strainer. I Dutch oven.

wire grill. 
butchey knife,