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Camper craft or The Summer Camp 257 camp-out should mean a new spell of life — a fresh start in vigor for every one concerned. Many mothers ask with fear, "Won't my boy catch cold, if he camps out? " This is the last and least of dan- gers. Almost never does one catch cold in camp. I have f oimd it much more likely that boys suffer through irregular hours of eating and sleeping; but these are troubles that the camp discipline is designed to meet. The great evil that campers should beware of, is of course rheumatism. But none need suffer if they will take the simple precaution of changing their wet clothes when not in action, and never sleeping directly on the ground. A warm, dry place for the bed should be prepared in every tent and teepee. As a rule, it is better to go on a trip with a definite object. If you go with a general vague determination to get healthy, you are likely to think too much about it. It is better to live correctly, and safely assume that you will be healthier for the trip. To illustrate: One of my trips was made to determine the existence of Wood Buffalo on the Great Slave River; another to prove that the Canadian Fauna reached the Lake of the Woods. Some of my friends have made trips to win the badge of expert canoe-man; others for the camper badge, and so forth, and I think it best to go a long way from home. Get as complete a change as possible. OUTFIT FOR A PARTY OF SIX (CAMPING ONE WEEK IN FIXED camp) I 1 2-foot teepee (if for cold weather), accommodating five or six men not forgetting a storm-cap, Or, in summer, a 10 x 12 wall tent.

X 10 awning for kitchen and dining-room, in hot or 

wet weather.