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254 The Book of Woodcraft — ooo = Flagman go out to protect rear of train. — = Flagman return from west or south. = Flagman return from east or north. — — — :.=: (when running) Train broken in two. To be repeated till answered by the same from the trainman, i. e., No. 4 in hand, flag and lamp signals. Similarly, this is the answer to No. 4 of hand, flag and lamp signals. 00 =:: (all right) the answer to any signal not otherwise provided for. 000 = (when the train is standing) back up; also is the reply to signals to "back up." 0000 = Call for signals. — 00 = Calls attention of other trains to signals. 00 = The acknowledgment by other trains. — — 00 = Approaching grade-crossings, and at whis- tle posts. — = Approaching stations, o-^ = (when double-heading) Air-brakes have failed on leading engine, and second engine is to take control of them. Sec- ond engine repeats same as soon as it has control. 0000000000, etc. =: Cattle (or persons) on the track. Air-whistle or Cord-pull: When the train is standing: Two blasts = Start. Three " = Back. Four " = Put on or take off brakes. Five " := Call in flagman. When the train is running: (All but the 2nd are answered by 2 blasts) Two blasts = Stop at once. Three " = Stop at next station. Four " = Reduce speed.