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Signaling and Indian Signs 253 THE CODE (From C. P. R. "Trainman's Book," 1909, No. 7563; but in general use.) Colors: Red = Stop. Green = Go ahead. Yellow = Go cautiously. Green and White := Flag station, stop at night. Blue ^ Workmen busy under car. Hand, Flag and Lamp Signals: Swung across track Stop. Raised and lowered vertically Go ahead. Swung at half-arms' length, in small circle across track, train standing Back up. Swung vertically in a big circle, at arms' length across the track, when train is running Train broken in two. Swung horizontally above head, when train is standing Put on air-brakes. Held at arms' length above the head, when train is standing Release air-brakes. Other Hand Signals, modifications of the above: Hand (or hands) held out horizon- tally and waved up and down Go ahead. Hand (or hands) suddenly drawn flat and horizontal Stop. Sometimes hands raised and held palms forward All right. Arm thrust forward and swept back toward opposite shoulder, as in beckoning Come back. Signals by Engine Whistle: (o a short toot. — a long one) o := Stop; put on brakes. ■■ — = Take off brakes; get ready to start.