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246 The Book of Woodcraft Signs ia J'tonej ThiJ iy the Trait Turn to fhe RigKt Turn, to the Left. Important Varnln^ ^yignj" in Twigs ^: ^^^ -Vie' Tkif MtheTuit' Turn to the Iltsht Turn to the Left' .ImportantWarninJ lyignj in Grass Thir if the Trail Tura to the Rijht Turn t(» the Left ImportantVarnine Signs in Blajej Thix if the Trail Turn to the Right' Turn to the Left ImportantVarnin^ Code for Jmoke Signals %i

Hi cor 

Camp ij Here' lam lojt. Help T Good Newj All come to Council Some lipecial Bla3e5 ujed by Hunters &- Jurveyorj A Trap to A Trap to Camp if to Csmpiffo ^Special Adirondack Sarveyoi's Right Left Right Left .Special tine Her.