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Signaling and Indian Signs

^ Man k Woman ® Baby Scout

Scouting ? Question X Yes

No J8C Doubtful •1 <«•' ^ Peace Hor t Wax t Surrender f. Prisoner if Enemy Friend S5 Good Bad Water Good water Good water in 3 arrow flights One-night camp More permanent camp Village Town Heap or many I have found Bear Grizzly bear Chipmunk Dead bear Treaty of peace meant good "water a longwayoflf there." This sign wasof the greatest value in the dry country of the southwest. Most Indian lodges were decorated with pictographs depicting in some cases the owner's adventures, at other times his prayers for good luck or happy dreams. The old Indian sign for peace, three angles all pointing one way that is "agreed," contrasts naturally with the "war" or "trouble" sign, in which they are going different ways or against each other.