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238 The Book of Woodcraft fingers; these are straight and spread; bring the knuckles of the first finger to the mouth, then pass it down forward to the left, meaning double or forked tongue. The second sign, meaning "very" or "very much," is made by striking the right fist down past the knuckles of the left without quite touching them, the left being held still. Another useful sign is time. This is made by drawing a circle with the right forefinger on the back of the left wrist. It looks like a reference to the wrist watch, but it is certainly much ^^ - ,^ sign for older than that style of 1 "°'W very much timepiece and probably refers to the shadow of a tree. Some prefer to draw the circle on the left palm as it is held up facing forward. If you wish to ask, "Whattimeisit?" You make the signs Question, then Time. If the answer is " Three o'clock," you would signal: Time and hold up three fingers of the right hand. Hours are shown by laying the right forefinger as a pointer on, the flat palm of the left and carrying it once around; minutes by moving the pointer a very little to the left. If you wish to signal in answer 3:15. You give the signs for hours 3 and minutes 15. Holding all ten fingers up for 10, then those of one hand for 5. It takes a good-sized dictionary to give all the signs in use, and a dictionary you must have, if you would become an expert. I shall conclude with one pretty little Indian sign: First,