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IX, Signaling and Indian Signs Sign Language DO YOU know the Sign Language? If not, do you realize that the Sign Language is an estabhshed mode of communication in all parts of the world without regard to native speech? Do you know that it is so refined and complete that ser- mons and lectures are given in it every day, to those who cannot hear? Do you know that it is as old as the hiUs and is largely used in all pubUc schools? And yet when I ask boys this question, "Do you use the Sign Language?" they nearly always say "No." The first question of most persons is "What is it? " It is a simple method of asking questions and giving answers, that is talking, by means of the hands. It is used by all the Plains Indians, and by thousands of white people to-day, in cities, as weU as in the western country, and to an extent that surprises all when first they come to think of it. Not long ago I asked a boy whether the pohcemen on the crowded streets used Sign Language. He said, "No!" at least he did not know if they did. I repHed: "When the officer on Fifth Avenue wishes to stop all vehicles, what does he do? " "He raises his hand, flat with palm forward," was the reply. ?8