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2IO The Book of Woodcraft threatened to stop the nightly party, they said, "Let us ask our parents for some venison, so we can have a grand feast and dance for the last time on the mound." They asked, but all were refused. Each father said, "When I was a little boy, I thought myself lucky to get even a pot of succotash, and never thought of asking for venison as well." So the boys assembled at the mound. All were gloomy but the little singer, who said: " Never mind, brothers ! We shaU feast without venison, and we shall be merry just the same, for I shall sing you a new song that will lighten your hearts." First, he made each of them fasten on his head a Httle torch of birch bark, then he sat down in the middle and thimiped away at his Httle drum and sang: Ki yi yi yah Ki yi yi yah And faster Ki yi yi yah Ki yi yi yah And faster still, till now they were spinning round. Then: Ki yi yi yah Ki yi yi yah Whoooooop They were fairly whirling now, and, as the singer gave this last whoop of the last dance on the mound, they and he went dancing over the treetops into the sky; light of heart and heels and head, they went, and their parents rushed out in time to see them go, but too late to stop them. And now you may see them every clear autumn night as winter draws near; you may see the little torches sparkUng as they