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General Scouting Outdoors 207 three Kings on his belt are among the most striking of all the famous stars in our blue dome. And, having found them, it is easy to trace the form of the Giant by the bright stars, Betelgeuse (orange), in his right shoulder, and Bella- trix in his left, Saiph in his right knee, and Rigel in his left foot. In his left hand he shakes the Hon skin to baffle the bull while his right swings the mighty club that seems al- ready to have landed on the bull's head, for the huge crea- % ci-^ ■vv---:--,.,.j'; / J •• • li --i ,^. ■• i miii«> ProCt«ii i.-.-.'.... .•■• .•• • .■ .; ; ■■■ • .'.■ .■■*/.• . ..'-■■-■! . .• ■ /,•' ■*■.■■• ,-■■ / ..■■•■■.'.•'•■., "#e / /•> r> r.-T' .. .'V. .J /^ **'^ ORION ture's face is spotted all over with star-groups called the "Hyades." The wonderful red star, Aldebaran, is the Bull's right eye and the Pleiades are the arrow woimds in the Bull's shoulder. Serviss tells us that the Pleiades have a supposed connection with the Great Pyramid, because "about 2170 B. C, when the beginning of spring coincided with the culmination of the Pleiades at midnight, that wonderful group of stars was visible just at midnight,