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194 The Book of Woodcraft which presently begins to smoke. When there is a great volume of smoke from a growing pile of black powder, you know that you have the spark. Cautiously lift the block, leaving the smoking powder on the chip. Fan this with your hand till the Uve coal appears. Now, put a wad msa lf^iu*mM:umnmSw^:j,r' ..^..'irimnti.. . Ready to make fire of the tinder gently on the spark; raise the chip to a con- venient height, and blow till it bursts into flame. N. B. (i) The notch must reach the middle of the fire-pit. (2) You must hold the drill steadily upright, and cannot do so without bracing the left wrist against the left shin, and having the block on a firm foundation. (3) You must begin lightly and slowly, pressing heavily and sawing fast after there is smoke. (4) If the fire does not come, it is because you have not followed these instructions. HIKING IN THE SNOW In the suggested programs I have given a number of putlines for one-day hikes. For those whg wish to flncj OUt