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Suggested Programs 179 To get, each, 100 straight rods, 30 inches long, to make Indian bed, of willow, hazel, kinnikinik, arrowwood, etc. To get wood for rubbing-sticks, or for a fire-bow. To get horns for a Caribou dance. If there is snow, to take, by the tracks, a census of a given woods, making full-size drawings of each track — ■ that is, four tracks, one for each foot; and also give the distance to the next set. If there is snow, to determine whether there are any skunk dens in the woods, by following every skunk trail until it brings you to its owner's home. Now, be it remembered that, though I always set out with an object, I find it wise to change whenever, after I get there, some much more alluring pursuit or opportunity turns up. Any one who sticks to a plan, merely because he started that way, when it turns out to be far from the best, is not only unwise, he is stupid and obstinate.