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176 The Book of Woodcraft SUGGESTED CAMP ROUTINE .30 A.M. Turn out, bathe, etc. .00 " Breakfast. .00 " Air bedding, in sun, if possible. .15 " Business Council of Leaders. .00 " Games and practice. .00 " Swinmiing. .00 " Dinner. . 00 P.M. Talk by Leader. .00 " Games, etc.

. 00 " Swimming. 
. 00 " Supper. 

.00 " Evening Council. .00 " Lights out. GOOD PROGRAM OF ENTERTAINMENT AT A COUNCIL Indian Formal Opening. Peace Pipe. Braves to be sworn in. Honors. Names. First aid. Initiations. Fire-making. Challenges. Water-boUing. Caribou dance. Close by singing the Omaha Prayer. INDOOR COMPETITION FOR A PRIZE Each must get up and tell a short story. No excuses allowed. It is better to try and fail, than not to try. The one who fails to try is a quitter.