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Suggested Programs 175 in colored wools or in applique work. A war shirt also makes a good prize. The standard for points used at our last camp was as f oUows : All events for which the fixed standards allow more than S minutes, 20 and 5 points as winner and loser. All less than 5 minutes, 10 and 2. Sturgeon: The crews get, each, 10 for every sturgeon they land. Deer hunt: The winners score 10 for each deer hunted; the losers score 2 for each deer hunted. Each fellow who wished to be in it was allowed for his contribution to the Council entertainment: For songs: up to 25 points each; for long stories, up to 25 points each; for jokes, up to 25 points each; for stunts, up to 25 points each; for hand wrestling and other com- petitions, 5 on for winner, 5 off for loser. All challenges not given in Council must be handed to the committee for approval, three hours before run- ning off. Prizes: ist man, 15; 2d, 10; 3d, 5 points. AU competitions must be on the present camp ground. Extra points up to 25 per day for neatness and extra service. Campfire up to 25 for each of the two keepers. Dock up to any number for breach of laws. For each hour of camp service, 10 points per hour. Articles made since camp began up to 50 points. All points must be handed in as soon as made. The Council may refuse those held back. Those who have won robes are not to enter for present contest. Those under 14, or over 35, get 10 per cent, handicap; those over 14 and under 18, get 5 per cent.