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174 The Book of Woodcraft Let each imitate some animal, or all the same animal. Practise cockfight. Practise spearfight on tubs. Feather-blow. Bear hunt. Rat-on-his-lodge (with little sawdust bags.) Learn: The flags of some other nations. The flags of the weather bureau. The stars. The evergreen trees. The Indian blazes and signs. Learn: First aid. Sign Language. Signaling. Songs: Some songs for camp. War song of Sitting Bull. Omaha Tribal Prayer. Dances: The War dance. The Dog dance. Snake dance. Caribou dance. ROBE OR WAR SHIRT CONTEST It will be found stimulating to offer a grand prize for the individual that scores the highest in the whole camp- out, according to a given scale of points. We usually call this a Robe Contest, because the favorite prize is a Saga- more's robe — that is, a blanket decorated with figures