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Suggested Programs 171 November, the Mad Moon Outdoors : This is the Moon of Short Hikes. Now build a cabin for winter use. Study evergreens. This is the Moon of Gloom and Sadness, so study fire Hghting; rubbing-stick fire. Indoors: Study Sign Language and picture writing. Carve horns, spoons, and cups, decorating with record pictography. Take up taxidermy. Decorate the Tally Book. December, the Long Night Moon. Outdoors: This is the time to learn the stars. Also study evergreens, making a collection of their twigs and cones. Indoors : Make bead work for costumes. Get up entertainments to raise money. Make an Indian Council, or a Wild-West Show. Learn the War dances. suggestions for evenings 1st Hour: Roll call. Train new fellows, if need be, in knots, and laws; or prepare others for ist and 2d degrees. 2d Hour: Lesson in one or other of the following subjects: Semaphore, Myer code, tracks, animals, birds. Sign Language, trees, basketry, carving, stars, fire-lighting, box-making, bed-making,