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i68 The Book of Woodcraft Indoors: Make a war shirt of sheepskins and beads. Make Indian furniture. Study signaling by semaphore, Myer, Morse, etc. Also by blazes, stone signs, grass signs, smoke fires. Hand wrestling. March, the Wakening Moon Outdoors: Cut the rods for a willow bed. Cut wood for bow and arrows. Study geology. Take a new bird census. Get up an animal scouting for points. Make a qmver of canvas or leather. Indoors: Make willow bed and other woodland equipment. Make bird boxes to sell. Make rustic furniture. Make a wooden buffalo skull. April, the Green Grass Moon Outdoors : Note spring birds' arrivals. Collect spring flowers. Note early butterflies. Do your half-mile track work with irons. Make your four-mile walk for the degree of Mini- sino. Indoors : One-legged chicken fights. Make tracking irons. Make tilting spears for tub work, on land or for water. Carve souvenir spoons.