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i64 The Book of Woodcraft But a truce I now command you: Manitou, whose children all are, Made the land for all his children; There is room for Bear and Hunters. Rise up, Brethren, greet your Brother, Valor always honors valor." (All jump up now, cheering. They dance around the bear, shaking his paw, and grunting, "How, how, how.") The winner, whether bear or chief, keeps the necklace as his own, and may have the title if he desires it; in one case, of Mishi-Mokwa, in the other of Hiawatha, Bear-killer, or Grizzly-chief. INDIAN SONG BOOKS Alice Fletcher's "Indian Song and Story." (Small & Maynard) $i.oo. F. R. Burton's "American Primitive Music." (Moffat, Yard, & Co.) $5.00. Natalie Curtis. "The Indians' Book" (Harper & Bros.) $7-SO- Frances Densmore. "Chippewa Music" (Smithsonian Institution). THE WEASEL EST THE WOOD This is a French song game. Somewhat like our "But- ton, Button, " or the Indian Moccasin Game. The players sit in a circle with hands on a cord which goes all around. On the cord is a ring, which is passed secret^ from one to another as they sing the song on next page. Each time the singing ends, the one in the middle has to guess who holds the ring. If he fails he pays a. forfeit. If he wins the loser takes his place.