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Songs, Dances, and Ceremonies 159 THE HUNTING OF MISHI-MOKWA THE BIG BEAR Any number of hunters up to twenty can take part in this game. Each one is armed with a war club. This is made of straw tied around two or three willow switches, and tightly sewn up in burlap. It should be about three feet long, one inch thick at the handle, and three or four inches through at the top. Each hunter must make a wooden claw two inches long (see Cut*) and a wooden bead three quarters of an inch long. The bead is usually a piece of elder with the pith pushed out. The claw is painted black toward the base. The tip is left the natural color of the wood. The bead is painted red. These beads and claws are strung alternately to form a necklace. There should be twenty in each. Finally, a toy balloon is blown up tight and put in a small bag; this is the bear's heart. Now select a bear. Take the biggest, if several offer. He may be made realistic with wool or fur. Put the neck- lace on him; strap the bag on his back; then give him a club, also three dens or mountains about one hundred yards apart. First, the Big Bear comes in and addresses the audience: "I am fearless Mishi-Mokwa, I, the mighty Mountain Grizzly, King of all the Western prairies. When the roving bands of Indians Come into my own dominion I will slay as I have slain them. They shall not invade my country. I despise those puny creatures." Then he stalks off to his den. •For cuts and details, see p. 287 among the games