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ISO The Book of Woodcraft BIRD DANCE SONG. Keeordedby ^BAS.F.IiUMMIS. CAHUILLA TRIBE. Moderately, with motion. J = 120. Harmonized by ARTHUR FARWELL. m loo - lu lo c& la-u,* loo*"^ na loo""^^ im o co IS-u, /ow andtrMtmItM»,/lu/aiite and m obuious imitation o/low weird bird tones. na loo - na lo la to CO Ui-u. l&-n wi dfitn-a- i-qua to-qxio-i - ca lo co la-&. f BylteMO dWUtM MM rhwly markad. ■ A nMe^BM*' of ^^ vsdM.Boi k iHstlMl irlplHi. UleetmUtmMl Copgright 8»CMvd, At length the song stops. Squaws begin nudging the braves and pointing forward. New music by the Medicine Man begins. The Zonzimondi, The Mujje Mukesin* or Rather fast m & =e Muj - je muk - e - sin aw - yaw - yon muj - je muk - e - sin aw - yaw - ^ Fi= ^ ±=it =it muj - je muk - e - sin aw - yaw - yon muj - je muk - e - sin aw - yaw - j other dance song. The braves Jump up, dance around once, with heads high in air, almost held backward and not crouching at all. {They carry no clubs yet.)

  • This Moccasin Song is from Fred R. Burton's American "Primitive

Music," 1909. There are many fine airs and dances in Alice C. Fletcher's "Indian Story and Song," Small, Maynard & Co., 1900, (li.oo.)