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138 The Book of Woodcraft

  • 5. Have camped out in at least lo different States or

countries. „ 6. Have entered the Arctic or Antarctic circles. . Have crossed the Equator. . Can take exact latitude and longitude with instru- ments.

  • g. Can take latitude within 2 degrees of error, with

home-made instruments. . Have made a compass survey of 100 miles of coun- try. . Have traveled at least 100,000 miles by rail or steamship or other means.

  • i2. Have traveled 500 miles on foot, by bicycle, by

canoe, or in saddle, camping out. . Know 200 signs of the Sign Language. (100 for L. L.) . Can make himself comfortable in the woods with Only wildwood material. . Can swim 100 yards. . Have slept out 30 nights. VILLAGE SCOUT OR BIG VILLAGE SCOUT (Odena-winini) The Degree of Village Scout may be conferred on those who take 14 of these tests :

  • i. Know how to turn in an alarm for fire.

. Know how to enter burning buildings.

  • 3. Know how to prevent the spread of fire.

. Understand the use of hose; unrolling, joining up, connecting two hydrants, use of nozzles, etc. . Understand the use of escapes, ladders, and chutes. . Know how to improvise ropes and nets.

  • 7. Know what to do in case of panic.