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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names 137 SWIMMER (Shingebis) The Degree of Swimmer may be conferred on those who take 8 of these tests:

L. L

  • 4

Can swim 100 yards. Swim on the back 50 feet. (25 for L. L.) Swim 50 feet with shoes and clothes on. (25 for Demonstrate breast, crawl, and side stroke. . Dive properly from the surface of the water. . Can dive into from 7 to 10 feet of water and bring from bottom to surface a loose bag of sand weighing 5 tb. (4 to 7 feet and 3 lb. for L. L.)

  • 7. Demonstrate on land five methods of release from a

drowning person who clutches you. . Demonstrate in the water two methods of release. 9 Demonstrate the Schaefer method of resuscitation (prone pressure). ID. Demonstrate safely crossing thin or rotten ice. . Have a knowledge of weather wisdom and tides. . Teach 3 fellows to swim, (i for L. L.) TRAVELER (Bebamadisid) The Degree of Traveler may be conferred on those who take II of these tests: I. Have walked i mile in 11 minutes. (14 in L. L.)

  • 2. Have tramped 30 miles a day. (Not open to L. L.)

. Have climbed i of the standard peaks (p. 103.) . Knows at least 15 star groups, including the Dipper and the Little Bear. (10 in L. L.)