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126 The Book of Woodcraft make a jointed fly-rod 8-10 feet long, 4-8 ozs. in weight, capable of casting a fly 60 feet. . Name and describe 25 different species of fish found in North American waters, and give a complete list of the fishes ascertained by himself to inhabit a given body of water. (15 for L. L.) . Give the history of the young of any species of wild fish from the time of hatching until the adult stage is reached. . Make a net and catch a fish in it. . Make a turtle trap and catch a turtle in it.

  • 7. Make a 6-foot leader of clean gut, with smooth

knots to stand a strain of 5 lbs.

  • 8. Take with the fly, unassisted, a 3-lb. trout, land-

locked sahnon, or bass, or a 12 lb. salmon, on a rod not more than 5 oz. in weight. . Or else take on a rod, without assistance in hooking, playing, or landing a trout, black bass, pike (muscallonge), grayling, salmon, bluefish, weakfish, striped bass, kingfish, sheepshead, or other game fish, whose weight in pounds equals or exceeds that of the rod in ounces. . Cast a fly with a rod of 5 oz. or less, not over 10 feet long, 65 feet. Or, with j-oz. dummy frog, s-foot rod, outdoors, overhead casting, tournament style, send it 80 feet if under 18, no if over. . Swim a hundred yards. . Paddle (single) a canoe i mile in 12 minutes. (15 for L. L.) . Row without help i mile in 10 minutes. (14 for L. L.) FORESTER (Miiigwakid) The Degree of Forester may be conferred on those who take 18 of these tests: