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25. Tell how a city should protect its foods; milk, meat, and exposed foods.

26. Tell how to plan the sanitary care of a camp.

27. State the reason why school children should undergo a medical examination.

28. Must know what wood herbs, etc., or camp staples will produce sweat, purge, vomit, or warmth; what will make a quick poultice which will check diarrhoea, etc.

29.* Know poison ivy, simiac, oak, etc., and the proper treatment for cases of poisoning by these.

30. Make, use, and teach others to use, the Indian Sweat Lodge.

31. Have taught a class in first aid. (The Little Lodge can scarcely expect to take this.)



The Degree of Canoeman may be conferred on those who take 15 of these tests:

1.* Can tie rapidly 6 different useful knots. (4 in L. L.)

2. Splice ropes.

3. Can find, collect, prepare and use "wattap", that is spruce roots for canoe binding, etc.

4. Can find, collect, prepare and use gum for canoe gumming.

5. Use a palm and needle.

6. Fling a rope coil.

7.* Row, pole, scull, and steer a boat; also bring a canoe or boat properly alongside and make fast.

8. Can build a boat or built canoe.

9. Can make a paddle and paint it Indian fashion.

10.* Repair a boat or canoe.

11. Repair a birch-bark or canvas canoe. ..text continues