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I02 The Book of Woodcraft Handspring. To throw a tumbler or 4-legged hand- spring, coup; to throw a clean handspring, grand coup. Back handspring. A clean back handspring, grand coup. WATER-SPORTS AND TRAVEL (For swimming, rowing, etc., see classified athletics on a previous page.) Bathing. A coup for having bathed out of doors in water of natural temperature anywhere north of N. Lat. 30, or south of S. Lat. 30, for 300 days in the year; a grand coup for 365 days. Sailing. To have sailed any two-man craft for 30 successive days, 12 hours a day at the wheel — the other man not a professional sailor — coup. Sixty days of the same in salt water, grand coup. Log-riding. Tread a sawlog 100 yards in any time, without going overboard, for coup; do, it 100 yards and back in 30 minutes, for grand coup. Canoeman. A coup is allowed to those who can paddle (single) a canoe on dead water, make their paddling coup (see p. 100), spill the canoe and get into her again, and bale her alone. A grand coup, when they make their paddling cmip, spill, right, and bale the canoe alone, three times in succession, and have run a rapid that falls 6 feet in 200 yards. Canoe-camper. To have made a continuous canoe trip of 500 miles, sleeping out every night, coup; 1,000 miles of the same, grand coup. Saddle-camper. To have made a continuous saddle trip of 500 miles, sleeping out every night, coup; 1,000 miles, grand coup. Camper. A coup, for passing 30 successive nights out of doors, never once sleeping under shingles, but in tent,