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92 The Book of Woodcraft LIGHT HEART. Red on pale blue. <^ BLUE SKY Large blue circle on white. OJIBWA. Orange on pale blue. Peace Whoop. SHINING MOUNTAIN. Dark blue semi-circle with white mountain. ZINGSNAKE. Yellow with red spots* ground pale green. WAR QUILL. Wbite feather black tip and red tuft on yellow. ARROWHEADS. Turquoise blue arrow on dark brown. Ping. FLYING PATROL or FLEET FOOT or WINGED HEEL. White on red. YELLOW QUILL. All yellow with black tip on pale green.

o o G» O C THE SEVEN STARS. Pale pink on dark blue. / 4 RED ARROW. Red on white. Zip-tip. DEERFOOT. Yellow aRd black on blue- green. PaUPal-Pal RED-HAND. Red hand on gray. Bo. % BLACKFOOT. Black and red War Whoop. HORSESHOE. Blue on pale yellow. Clink-Clank. SNAPPER BAND. Red on turquoise. Snap-ouch.