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Contents PtnrfosE AND Laws of the Woodcraft Indians— CoMto'M«e(f Order of Doings in Council 7 How to Begin 7 The Tally Book and How to Keep It . . 8 For Example 8 The Indian Laws in Brief 8 The War-cry of the Band 8 IV. Honors and Degrees and Indian Names: Honors g Decorations for Individual Honors . . . g Decorations for Group Honors or Degrees . g Standards of Honors ....... g Red Honors: Heroism g Riding g General Athletics g Athletic Specialties ic Water Sports and Travel ic Mountain Climbing ...... ic Target Shooting ic Eyesight ic Big-game Hunting ic White Honors: Campercraft and Scouting . . . . ic Archery 11 Long Range, Clout, or Flight Shooting . 1 1 Fishing II Bait Casting 11 Blue Honors: Nature Study — Vertebrates .... 11 Nature Study — Lower Forms of Life . ii Geology, etc u Photography ii The Degrees in Woodcraft ii Athlete (Song-adis) u Camper (Gabeshiked) is Camp Cook (Chabakwed) is Camp Craftsman (Enokid) i; Camp Doctor (Mashkiki) i: