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86 The Book of Woodcraft intervals. Thus perhaps the Barred Owl Call is given three times and the reply to that is arranged to be the cry but once. If the answer is given three times to the three-times Call that would mean that the one answering was not a friend — it is either an enemy or the owl itself. It is such a great help to get the Call just right that cer- tain patrols have decided on a given Call, because that was one which they knew or could do. For these reasons it is well to avoid foreign animals, etc. Nevertheless those who have taken such as "Kangaroo," "Cockatoo," and "Rhino," need not change them but rather adopt some caU that will serve their purpose in our own country. When it comes to such things as "Blue-Moon," "Echo," "Horseshoe," "Red-hand," etc., the Band can of course decide on any good yell, howl, whistle, squeak noise or caU they like, only make it something peculiar and far-reaching. They should practise it only among themselves. Out- siders are not supposed to know it. Remember then that the CaUs and Totems given here are mere suggestions, you can take one of these (if it is not already in use in your town) or take any other bird, repfile, fish, animal or object that commends itself to you and is easy to draw. In many of the Totems suggested no CaU or War Cry is given. To supply this use any local yell or cry that your fellows can do or invent or make with two sticks, stones, or other apparatus.