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So The Book of Woodcraft Page & Co., Garden City, L. I., N. Y., and read or tell them the first few pages, the Laws of the Lodges, and the Life of Tecumseh. Talk it over and see if all are fully inspired with the idea. If they take to it, get some stiitable man to act as your Old Guide, which means he is a man of good character and able and willing to give the time. He must begin by breaking you in as Indian Boys. For this you qualify as follows: Know the Indian laws, signs, and salute. Have slept out three nights without a roof overhead. Be proposed, recorded, posted for one Moon, if not in camp, or for Seven Suns when in camp, and then voted into the Band by that band (one blackball to exclude). Unless this is the foundation of a new band in which case it is enough if all are wiUing to accept the candidate as a founder without waiting. Each then takes the pledge as given on pages 65-6, is enroUed as an Indian Boy, and is invested with the green badge. While the fellows are preparing, it is well to think on what name the band is to bear. Turn to the pages given Totems and Calls for suggestions. You should use some animal or object that is easy to draw and not already used by a band in your region, preferably one or something, that belongs to your country. Do not hesitate to make little changes in the color, etc., of the design if you can make it more acceptable. Thus you may wish to use the Wolf Totem because some of your fellows are good at howling, or the Hoot Owl be- cause your leader has had some good lessons in hooting; but you cannot take them as they stand because there is already a Wolf and Hoot Owl Band in your region. All you need to do is to change the color, and make it the Black Wolf, Red Hoot Owl, etc., as you please.