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Purpose and Laws 79 OIIDER OF DOINGS IN COUNCIL The Head Chief, or the Herald he may appoint, walks around with the standard, announcing that a Council is to be held, and all must come to Council. The form used among the Ogallala is Neetah Kolah nahoonpo omneechee-yay nee-chopi. (My friends, give ear, a Council we hold.) For "assent" or "approval" we say How, for "dissent" or "no" we say Wah. Opening Council with Omaha Tribal Prayer. (See page 145) Roll CaU. Tally of last Council and report of Tally Chief. Report of Wampum Chief. Reports of Scouts. Left-over business. Complaints. Honors awarded. New braves. New business. , Challenges, etc. Social doings, songs, dances, stories. Closing Council. HOW TO BEGIN Suppose that you have a lot of fellows that want to form a Band of Woodcraft Indians. They ought to be a gang that usually goes together, not less than five or more than ten, between 8 and 15, or 15 and 18 years of age. They should live near each other. It is no use taking in fellows that live in another town. With these you organize a Band. This is how to go about it: Get a copy of the "Book of Woodcraft" from your local book-seller or from Doubleday,