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6o The Book of Woodcraft learned the truth and returned to make a terrible ar- raignment of the U. S. Government. "Indian Boyhood," by Charles A. Eastman, M. D. Mc- Clure, Phillips & Co. New York. 1902. A Sioux Indian's story of his own boyhood. The Story of the Indian," by G. B. Grinnell. Appleton & Co. New York. 1902. "Two Wilderness Voyagers," by F. W. Calkins. Fleming H. Revell Co. New York. 1902, The Indian Babes in the Woods. "Lives of Famous Indian Chiefs," by W. B. Wood. Ameri- can Indian Hist. Pub. Co. Aurora, 111. 1906. "My Life as an Indian," by J. W. Schultz. Doubleday, Page & Co. New York. 1907. A white man's Ufe among the Blackfeet in the old days. "Handbook of American Indians," by F. W. Hodge and associates. Pub. in 2 large vols, by Smithsonian Insti- tution, Washington, D. C. 1907. This is a concise and valuable encyclopedia of Indian names and matters. "Famous Indian Chiefs I have Known," by Gen. O. O. Howard. U. S. A. The Century Co. New York. 1908. Treats of Osceola, Washakie, etc. from the white man's standpoint. "The Soul of the Indian," by Charles A. Eastman. Houghton, Mifilin Co. Boston & New York. 191 1. A Sioux Indian's account of his people's religion. "Legends of Vancouver," by Pauline Johnson. Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B. C. 1912. A valuable collection of charming legends gathered on the West coast. Besides these the Annual Reports of the Bureau of Eth- nology, (1878 to date, Smithsonian Institution, Washing- ton, D. C.) are full of valuable information about Indians.