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high; readily distinguished by its unfurrowed ashy gray bark. Wood hard, strong, tough, close-grained, pale, heavy. Leaves 3 to 4 inches long. A cubic foot weighs 43 lbs. Wis. to Nova Scotia and south to Gulf. Chestnut {Castanea dentata) A noble tree, 60 to 80 or even 100 feet high. A cubic foot of the wood weighs 28 lbs. Leaves 6 to 8 inches long. Mass. to Ind. and Miss. White Elm, Water or Swamp Elm (Ulmus Americana) A tall splendid forest tree; commonly 100, occasionally 120 feet. Wood reddish brown; hard, strong, tough, very hard to split. A cubic foot weighs 41 lbs. Soon rots near the ground. Leaves 2 to 5 inches long. Man. to Nova Scotia and south to Gulf. Slippery Elm, Moose or Red Elm {Ulmus fulva) Smaller than ^Vllite Elm, maximum height about 70 feet. Wood dark, reddish, hard, close, tough, strong; durable next the ground; heavy; a cubic foot weighs 43 lbs. Its leaves are larger and rougher than those of the former.