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XIL Health and Woodland Medicine FIRST AID. (Rudimentary) (Second Aid, and best, is bring the doctor) TO REVIVE FROM DROWNING A^ S SOON as the patient is in a safe place, loosen the /% clothing if any. X JL (2) Empty the lungs of water, by laying the body breast down, and lifting it by the middle, with the head hanging down. Hold thus for a few seconds, till the water is evidently out. (3) Turn the patient on his breast, face downward. (4) Give artificial respiration thus: by pressing the lower ribs down and forward toward the head, then release. Repeat about twelve times to the minute. (5) Apply warmth and friction to extremities, rubbing toward the heart. (6) DON'T GIVE UP! Persons have been saved after hours of steady effort, and after being under water over twenty minutes. (7) When natural breathing is reestablished, put the patient into warm bed, with hot-water bottles, warm drinks, or stimulants, in teaspoonfuls, fresh air, and quiet. Let him sleep, and all will be well.