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i6o The Book of Woodcraft Now the hunters come in, and, facing the audience, the leader says: "I am Chief of the Ojibwa, These are all my chosen warriors. We go hunting Mishi-Mokwa, He the Big Bear of the mountains; He that ravages our borders. We will surely seek and slay him; Or, if we should fall before him, We will die like men of valor, Dying, winning deathless glory." Or, as an alternative prose reading, he says: "I am Chief of the Black Hawk Band. These are my chosen warriors; the pick of my tribe. We go to hunt the Mishi- Mokwa, the Big Bear of the mountains. He is big and terrible. He kills our people every day. Many of us may die in the fight, but living or dead, we shall win glory. Now we dance the war dance." All give the war whoop and dance, imitating a bear on his hind legs. At intervals, when the music changes, every other one strikes his neighbor on the back with his club, at which he turns and growls horribly. Chief: "Now we go to seek the foe." They set out, looking for the trail. They find it and follow, studying the ground, smelling it, peeking and pointing here and there till they get pretty close to the Big Bear, whereupon he rouses up with a growl. The war- riors spring back, but, encouraged by the Chief, they form a circle and approach the bear. The Chief shouts: "Ho, Mishi-Mokwa, we have found you. Come forth now, for I mean to club your head, and take that necklace for my own neck. Come forth now. You are very brave when you find an