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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names 137



The Degree of Swimmer may be conferred on those who take 8 of these tests:

1.* Can swim 100 yards.

2. Swim on the back 50 feet. (25 for L. L.)

3. Swim 50 feet with shoes and clothes on. (25 for L.L.]

4.* Demonstrate breast, crawl, and side stroke.

5. Dive properly from the surface of the water.

6. Can dive into from 7 to 10 feet of water and bring from bottom to surface a loose bag of sand weighing 5 lb. (4 to 7 feet and 3 lb. for L. L.)

7.* Demonstrate on land five methods of release from a drowning person who clutches you.

8. Demonstrate in the water two methods of release.

9. Demonstrate the Schaefer method of resuscitation (prone pressure).

10. Demonstrate safely crossing thin or rotten ice.

11. Have a knowledge of weather wisdom and tides.

12. Teach 3 fellows to swim, (1 for L. L.)



The Degree of Traveler may be conferred on those who take 11 of these tests:

1. Have walked 1 mile in 11 minutes. (14 in L. L.)

2.* Have tramped 30 miles a day. (Not open to L. L.)

3. Have climbed 1 of the standard peaks (p. 103.)

4. Knows at least 15 star groups, including the Dipper and the Little Bear. (10 in L. L.)