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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names 135

3. Can run 100 yards in 13 seconds. (Not open to L.)

4. " run 50 yards in 7⅘ seconds (Not open to B. L.)

5.* " " 1 mile in 5⅓ minutes. (Not open to L. L.) 6.* " swim 100 yards.

7.* " paddle a canoe 1 mile in 12 minutes. (15 in L. L.)

8. Know the Semaphore or Wigwag or Myer code and take as well as receive a message at the rate of at least 24 letters a minute.

9.* Know 200 signs of the Sign Language. (100 in L. L.)

10. Know the 25 secret signs and blazes of the Indian code (15 in L. L.)

11.* Have slept out 30 nights.

12. Know and can clearly discriminate the track of 25 of our common wild quadrupeds; also trail for a mile without snow, till near enough to photograph or bag it. (Snow allowed in L. L.)

13. Must have carried a letter 3 times over a mile of enemy's country with at least 20 hostiles out against him, of his own class.



The Degree of Sharpshooter is conferred on those who take 7 of these tests:

1.* Qualify as in "marksman" with the rifle in accordance with the regulations of the National Rifle Association.

2.* Make a bow and arrow which will shoot a distance of 100 feet with fair precision.

3. Make a regulation archery target - 4 feet across, with the 9-inch centre and 4 rings, each 4¾ inches wide.

4. Make a total score of 350 with 60 shots of bow and arrow in one or two meets, using standard 4-foot target at 40 yards or 3-foot target at 30 yards. (300 in L. L.)