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128 The Book of Woodcraft

18. Can tell, for a given piece of farm land, whether it is best suited for use as a farm or forest, and why.

19. Can point out examples of erosion, and tell how to stop it,

20. Can estimate closely how much timber and how much cord wood is in a given acre of woods.

21. Name 6 trees that will float when green, and 6 that will not.

22.* Know something of the relation of birds and quad-rupeds to forest trees.

23. Can fell a 6-inch tree in 60 seconds, driving with it a given stake. (2 min., and to fall within 2 feet of a stake, for L. L.)

24. Have made 100 trees grow where none grew heretofore. (25 for L. L.)

25. Have camped in the woods for 30 nights.

26. Have taught a class the rudiments in forestry.



The Degree of Frontier Scout may be conferred on those who take 8 out of these tests:

1.* Milk a cow.

2.* Interpret from any language into English.

3. Fell a tree in a given place.

4. Weld an iron.

5. Temper a knife.

6. Solder a tin.

7. Shoot to win honors with a rifle.

8. Tie 6 kinds of knots.

9. Make a thread lashing.

10. Use an axe correctly.