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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names 125

12. Must know the laws of mooring, beaching, caching, or portaging a canoe, also how to sit in it and how to change seats with another when afloat.

13.* Can swim 100 yards.

14. Can swim 50 feet with boots, pants and shirt on. (For L. L. 25 feet.)

15. Have sailed any 2-man craft for 30 successive days, 12 hours a day at the wheel — the other man not a professional sailor.

16.* Have paddled (single) a canoe on dead water, 1 mile in 12 min. (15 min. L. L.)

17. Have spilled the canoe and got into her again, and baled her without help.

18. Have taken canoe camper's honor, that is made a continuous canoe or rowboat trip of at least 500 miles, sleeping out every night. (100 miles for L. L.)

19. Have a knowledge of weather-wisdom and tides.

20. Can state direction by the stars and sun.

21. Can steer by compass.

22. Have taught a class to handle a canoe.



The Degree of Fisherman may be conferred on those who take 9 of these tests:

1.* Catch and name 10 different species of fish: salmon or trout to be taken with flies; bass, pickerel, or pike to be caught with rod or reel, muskallonge to be caught by trolling. (7 for L. L.)

2. Make a bait rod of 3 joints, straight and sound, 14 oz. or less in weight, 10 feet or less in length, to stand a strain of 1½ lbs. at the tip, 13 lbs. at the grip. Or else...