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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names in Blazes and Signs. Make the 4 usual Indian Signs or Blazes on tree trunk, in twigs, grass, stones, give the smoke signals, and add 25 other signs or pictographs used by the Indians. Coup or grand coup, according to merit. Herald. Open and lead the Council, light the sacred fire, performing the Peace Pipe ceremony and the Naming ceremony. Know three Indian dances songs and the Omaha Invocation. Coup or grand coup, according to merit. Dancer. Know three Indian dancing songs and be able to dance and teach the Snake dance, the War dance, the Caribou dance and the Scalp dance, for coup. Add the New Sun dance, the Seneca War dance and the Dog dance for grand coup. Peace Messenger. Know 100 signs of the Sign Language and translate into English from any other language sen- tences amounting to 300 words, coup. Know 200 signs and translate from two languages, grand coup. Indian Clock. Make an Indian clock, that is, a sun- dial, that works. Coup or grand coup, according to merit. Map. Make a correct map of a region one mile long,

mile wide, such as a mile of highway, taking in | of a 

mile on each side, marking every house, fence, hill, and prominent tree, etc. When there is a stream, indicate the size, speed, gallons it runs per hour and bridges. Coup or grand coup, according to merit. 'Stweat Lodge. Make and use properly a Sweat Lodge three times in one week, in two of the times it may be given to another person for coup. Run a Sweat Lodge successfully for one month, treating at least a dozen patients, grand coup. Bow and Arrows. Make a bow and 6 arrows that will carry 100 yards, coup; 150 yards, grand coup. Tomtom. Make and decorate a tomtom ; coup or grand coup, according to merit.