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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names 109 out crossing, within 10 per cent, of average error, for coup; 5 per cent, for grand coup. Tools: an axe and a pocket rule only. Star Gazing. Know and name 15 star groups, for coup; know 20 star groups and tell the names and something about at least one star in each, for grand coup. Latitude. Take the latitude from the stars at night with a cart wheel, or some home-made instrument, 10 times'^ from different points, within one degree of average error, for coup; one half degree for grand coup. Traveler. A coup for being able to take correct latitude, longitude, and local time. A grand coup for having passed the Royal Geographical Society's examination of "expert traveler." Red Cross. A grand coup for having passed the Red Cross examination of first aid to the wounded. Life Saving: For passing the U. S. Vol. Life Saving Corps diploma test for Kfe saving in the water, a coup. For the same and an actual rescue, grand coup. Throwing Life Buoy. For those under 18: To throw it 40 feet wdthin 10 feet of the mark, is coup; the same but 45 feet within 5 feet of the mark is grand coup. In each case 3 out of 5. For those over 18: To throw it 55 feet within 10 feet of the mark is coup; 60 feet within 5 feet of the mark is grand coup. In each case 3 times out of 5 . Boat-builder. Build a boat that will carry two men and that can be paddled, rowed, or sailed by them 6 miles an hour, coup; 7 miles an hour, grand coup. Birch Canoe. To have made a birch canoe that has traveled, with at least one man aboard, 100 miles or more in safety, grand coup. In Sign-talking to know and use correctly 200 signs for coup; 400 signs, grand coup.