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Honors, Degrees, and Indian Names 107 GRAND COUP Elephant Hippopotamus Lion Moose (by stalking) Tiger (without help of ele- Mountain Goat phants) Mountain Sheep, adult ram Jaguar Chamois Leopard Himalayan Tahr, adult male Puma Gray Wolf Rhinoceros Grizzly Bear Indian Bison Spectacled Bear African BufiFalo Wild Boar, with spear, etc. Gorilla Sword fish, 15 feet long, Okapi from small boat Class IL White Honors CAMPERCRAFT AND SCOUTING Bee-line. Come to camp through strange woods from a point one mile off and return in 30 minutes, for coup; in 20 for grand coup. Match-fire. Light 15 campfires in succession with 15 matches, all in different places, all with stuff found in the woods by himself, one at least to be on a wet day, for coup; if all 15 are done on wet days, or if he does 30, of which two are on wet days, it counts grand coup. Flint and Steel Fire. To light 15 campfires in succession with wildwood tinder, one at least on a wet day, and none to take over a minute from striking the flint, to having the blazes, coup; if all 15 are done on one day, or if he does 30 fires in unbroken succession, two at least on wet days, and in no case more than half a minute from strike to blaze, grand coup.