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92 The Book of Woodcraft LIGHT HEART. Red on pale blue. SHINING MOUNTAIN. Dark blue semi-circle with white mountain. KINGSNAKE. ^^^ q^ILL. YeUow with red spots. ^.^^ j^^^^^^ j,,^^^ ^.^ ^^j ground pale green. ^^^ ^^^^_ ^^ yg,j„^ ARROWHEADS. Turquoise blue arrow on dark brown. Ping. BLUE SKY Large blue circle on white. OJIBWA. Orange on pale blue. Peace Whoop. RED ARROW. Red on white. Zip-zip. BLACKFOOT. Black and red War Whoop. FLYING PATROL or FLEET FOOT or WINGED HEEL. White on red. YELLOW QUILL. All yellow with black tip on pale green.

o o O O <? THE SEVEN STARS. Pale pink on dark blue. / DEERFOOT. Yellow and black on blue- green. Pat-Pat-Pat RED-HAND. Red hand on gray. Eo.

HORSESHOE. Blue on pale yellow. Clink-Clank. SNAPPER BAND. Red on turquoise. Snap-ouch,