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Purpose and Laws

BUGLING ELK. Dark brown on rose red. MOOSE. Black on pale green. A long smooth bellow. i ^H^ M^ FIRE-MOUNTAIN BAND. ^^I^^Kl^ ^ Blue mountain, red flames ^^^ on black. COYOTE. Yip-yip-yahoo-bang. Brown and white on yellow. Yoop-yoop-yah-yov) in as- cending side like a coyote's SyX^ WHITE MOUNTAINS CAT-IN-THE-NIGHT. Gray on black. Prow-row, THUNDERBIRD, Dark blue on yellow, white head. Lightning comestfrom his eye. FLYING EAGLE. White and brown on pale blue. Kek-Kek-Kek, WHITE MOUNTAINS or SNOW PEAK BAND. White on dark blue. Rutnble-shshsh. ARROW-FOOT. Red on blue field. SUNRISE BAND. Yellow on pale blue. Call a loud Yo-ho, yo-ho, yo- ho on ascending notes. f.^i MOHAWK. Black and red on olive green Indian whoop. COON. Gray with black marks on a SUNSET BAND, red ground. Red or yellow on blue-green A high pitched quavering or pink. Hoo-oo-oo-oo. A long descending whistle.