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90 The Book of Woodcraft SILENT BEAVER. Brown on blue. No mouth — no cry. RED-GODS. Red on pale blue. SHUNKA-REELA. (running fox) Yellow and black on pale blue. Yap-yahoo. STING RAY. Green with black marks oi pale red ground. BADGER. White and black on yellow ground. A rattling whistle. BLAZING STAR. Yellow star — red tail — oi blue. WHOOPING CRANE White on blue ground — black ^ij,g WOLVERINE. BLUE MOON. XaA-roo, a trumpeted croak. Black and pale brown on Pale blue on deep green, vhite. Any known night song. Garoooo. RED-GODS. COUGAR. Red with black lines on pale Dark brown on pale blue. blue. An awful yell. ECHO BAND. Pale on dark blue. Ek-ko.