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Purpose and Laws

FIREBOAT. Dark blue on pale green. A long whistle. FLYING BLACK HAWK. Black on orange or red. THUNDER CANOE. Black or dark gray on pale blue. A whistle then a bang. % BLACK HAWK. Black on red. Kek-kek-kek. BALD EAGLE. White and brown on yellow. Krek-krek-kay. LOON. Black and white for Red Loon, Amber Loon, etc., on blue ground. A tremulous wkeoo. r"^ MUSTANG. Black Mustang, Red Mus- tang, and Wild Horse; on yellow ground. A long neigh. Y BUCKHORN. Black buck, etc., on pale green ground. A shrill, hissing whistle. BLUEHAWK. Blue on blood red. Indian ivarwhoop. NIGHT-BIRD. Brown andwhiteon pale blue- green. Peabody-peahody-peabody whistled. V JiH. A. FORKED LIGHTNING. Red or yellow on blue-green. Fizz-bang. .>=^v^ THUNDER. BUCK. SEABIRD. Orange on black. Purple on blue. Black and white. Bang-rumble-boom. A shrill whistle. Kee-way-u.