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Purpose and Laws 85 The Guide says he will take us out camping next summer if we all pass as Young Braves. We are trying hard and mean to go. Our Guide says The Indian Brave must be like Tecumseh; besides a great master of Woodcraft he was H — onorable. O — bedient. W — ild-fire fighter. K — ind. O — pposed to foul play. L — over of wild life. A — Icohol hater. B — rave. R — everent. A — nti-smoker. V — ery modest. E — ver clean. Which, reading down the initials, gives us the greeting of our Tribes — How, Kola, Brave. WAR CRY OF THE BAND The Call or War Cry is something to be carefully con- sidered. It is a great help if you get it right. The howl of a wolf as suggested by " Yow-w-w" is not the same as the howl suggested by the wolf itself. Go to some zoo where they have a lot of wolves and wait till you hear a real howl. Oftentimes one can start them by howling. If you cannot get a wolf to show you, listen to some big dog doing it; it is pretty much the same. Remember the Call was used as a signal when in the enemy's country. If it is done exactly right, the enemy think it is done by the animal not by the Scout. The friends of the Scout know it is he that calls because he gives it the right number of times or at the right