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Purpose and Laws 83 its Totem and colors to be a red thunder-bolt on a black circle in the middle of the white flag; our War Cry is to be: Rumble, Rumble, Thunder, Bang, Crash-sh-sh, begin- ning low and rising higher and stronger to the Bang then dying away on the sh-sh. A resolution to call it the "Bowery Pirates" was voted down, as was the suggestion to call it the "Yellow Dogs" — in spite of the fact that O'Brien could lead with a fine imi- tation of a small dog in deep trouble. Keenan said it was better than the dog could do it. Smith was elected Chief for one year. He appointed Keenan as his Second and Petro as his Tally Keeper. The rest of the time was spent teaching the laws to the other two and in taking the first lesson in Sign Language. The Old Guide gave us the Laws in a shorter form: The Indian Laws in Brief Obedience is the brave's first duty. Courage is the brave's highest gift. Keep yourself and your camp Clean. No Smoking till you are eighteen. No Alcohol in Camp. Take care of all harmless Wild-life. Ever guard against Wild-fire. Do at least one Kindness every day. . Play Fair. Foul play is treachery. . Keep Silence before your elders, unless duty bids you speak. . Respect all Worship of the Great Spirit. . Word of Honor is sacred. An assessment of loc each was made to buy badges and cover postage.